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Gentle Laser Technology for Minimally Invasive Care

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Gentle Laser Technology for Minimally Invasive Care

Over 40 million people have some degree of dental fear or anxiety that prevents them from coming to the dentist or getting the necessary treatments they need. We believe in a gentle approach to dentistry, which is why we have invested in minimally invasive laser dentistry for a virtually pain-free experience. Our state-of-the-art BIOLASE® dental laser allows us to perform multiple dental procedures with minimal discomfort and an improved healing time. Laser dentistry uses gentle laser light when performing treatments, removing the need for scalpels or sutures and minimizes bleeding.

The Benefits of Laser Dentistry

  • Minimally invasive
  • Gentle laser light
  • Minimizes bleeding
  • Quick healing time
  • Nearly painless

Our Laser Services

Our BIOLASE laser is a diode dental laser, which means it is exceptional for treatment of soft tissue. We are better able to treat the root cause of your dental concern with this laser without harming your surrounding or supporting structures.
We can help you with many periodontal concerns that would have otherwise been much more invasive, such as:

  • Cleaning of Periodontal Pockets

    When bacteria get below the gum line, it can thrive in periodontal pockets between the gums and teeth. This must be cleaned out to prevent infection and allow the gum tissue to reattach to the tooth roots.

  • Frenectomy Treatment

    The frenulum is a small piece of tissue that holds the lip or tongue in place, but when one is too tight, it can cause pain, or difficulty speaking and eating. By using a laser, we can gently remove this tissue to allow for more freedom of the lip and tongue.

  • Gingival (gum) Recontouring

    When someone has uneven gums or excess gums, we can perform gentle recontouring of the tissue. This allows us to remove and reshape the gum tissue to a more pleasing and balanced level within the mouth.

  • Treatment of Tooth Sensitivity

    For those who have extreme tooth sensitivity, this is often caused by exposed dentin. Using our laser, we can alter the dentin surface to remove the effect of sensitivity.

  • Ulcer Treatment

    Using our laser, we can eliminate the bacteria and infection within an ulcer, or cold sore. This will reduce the overall pain of the sore and drastically increase healing time. Many times, ulcers will not reappear in the treated area.

  • Dental Troughing

    For those who need an impression of their teeth made, we may need to prepare the gum tissue surrounding affected teeth. Our laser gently removes gum tissue so we can take an accurate impression and provide a fitting prosthesis for the tooth.

We Aim for Painless Dentistry

We strive to keep our practice as pain-free and minimally invasive as possible. With the use of laser dentistry, we pride ourselves on being nearly 95 percent painless for our procedures! Our doctors have multiple years of experience behind them and take nearly triple the amount of continuing education courses as required by the state of Georgia for dental professionals. Our office aims to be family friendly and many of our laser services can be performed on children as well as adults.

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